Getting my NBI clearance

downloadSo I just got back from the mall because I had to go get my NBI clearance so I can submit it to the HR from work.

I woke up this morning around 1:00AM (yeah it’s that early) and went to one of the NBI branches at Robinson’s Galleria. But before I did that, I tried one of their online payment shit but they said that it has “technical” problems or something so they can’t accept payment online. So I said to myself, ‘what a load of horseshit’. They create this ‘convinience’ thing online and what happened? It was ‘broken’ just when you need it the most.

So anyway I woke up around 1:00AM and took a cab (because there’s no public vehicles that hour) I was there around 2:00AM in the morning.

You’d propably wondering why I had to go that early. Well, during my past NBI application last year, when I went there around 3:00AM, the line was now full. It’s like 500 meters long. Seriously, I wasn’t making this up. It’s that fucking long. I literally slept from my position there for like 2 hours before the line even moved.

To avoid that, I had no choice but to go there even earlier, and what do you know, I was one of the first in line. Good for me.

What happened next was interesting.

So I sat there, pulled my smart phone up and began killing time by watching youtube on my phone, 3 hours went by and a lot of people started filling up the line. This dude comes along and sat beside one of my seatmate just one guy next to me and he was like talking to this girl trying to convince her to get invloved in their MLM (multi level marketing).

You should have been there. I mean this guy is telling all this bunch of crap to this girl about how great his company is and that she doesn’t need to do anything except join their shit company. He then pulls out his i-Pad and shows her youtube videos about people testifying how they got rich joining his company. I was like ‘is this guy for real’?

Anyway he then goes out and say that if she joins their company she doesn’t need to do anything because all she needs to do to make money is recruit people to their company. Simple as that. He pointed out that one of their members is making 3 million pesos every month just by doing this.

What? 3 million bucks? Really? Geez, my parents have been working on the family business for like 40 years but they never hit that kind of mark. You know what, I was sick in hearing this guy’s bullshit I went back to sleep. But he still goes on and on saying that everyday all they do is enjoy and go to different places in the Philippines because of all the money they’re getting.

Yeah, I bet you do you sick deluded jackass! If you have so much money why don’t you use it to fix your face you moron. I swear to god this guy’s face looks like it’s a cross breed of a chimpanzee and a gorilla. No kidding. And his fashion sense looks like a cross breed of a Korean popstar and Lady Gaga. His shoes are pink, his shirt is colored maroon or something and his wearing chinos.

Who the hell dresses like that when trying to convince someone to join their company? If you’re trying to convice someone at least dress like a fucking human being not someone who looks like going to a gay dance group. The girl his talking to dresses more formal than him. It’s pathetic.

See this is why 60% of Filipinos are still under poverty. They join this bullshit group with a promise of money and then what happens? All their hard earn money is gone before you know it and I can’t believe police here don’t do shit to catch these types of assholes. They’re teaching people to be lazy bastards instead of working for their money.

So he goes on like this for an hour and then left the line. Good riddince! He was half way of ruining my day by being an annoying dickface. I’m tired, I haven’t had enough sleep and I had to wait for hours just to get a stinking government ID. If this guy talks to me, I’m going to flip. I’m going to beat the shit out of him just for being fucking jackass, but since I’m not a dick and I was controlling my cool, I’ll probably not going to do that.

You know for all the upgrades the government is doing, they sure don’t work. They put all this computers to make their service convinient but it’s still a shit service. The NBI really has the poorest service of them all. I went to the SSS building the other day to get an ID and their service is quite good (not the best but still good) even though the line is quite long.

But getting your NBI clearance was a fucking nightmare, I had to literally wait for 10 hours straight (with no eating or drinking) just to get some piece of shit paper. Nothing has changed since last year. Can you believe that only 6 staff members are working in the Galleria branch? 6 fucking workers who caters at least 500 applicants a day?! I don’t mind not having a computer but at least have the decency to add more people to your branch or at least put out more branches so the line won’t be like 600 meters long during the day.

When I finally got my clearance, Thank God, I went home, ate a big meal and slept. I told myself I’m never going to do this stunt again. If I have to get a clearance, I’m going to do it online.

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